Do I have to be Vegan?
No... you just need to be respectful.  We ask that you be vegan for the night.  Please refrain from ordering non-vegan food items and beverages.  Leave the furs, leather and wool at home.  However, we are not asking that you go out and buy a new ensemble for the evening!

What's the price?
There is no price!  It's free.  See the next question.  With that being said... We are thinking of having a basket for the first gathering or two to cover the cost of obtaining the domain name and a little printing.

Do I have to drink or buy anything?
You do not have to drink alcohol at all.  We don't want finances to be a deterrent, but it would be way cool of you to buy a little something to honor the hosting establishment.  Vegan Drinks needs to be a mutually beneficial event for the attendees and our venue.  Don't forget to tip well!

Can I bring my own food & drink?
No, see above.

Do I have to dress up?
No, just be clean and presentable.

Can I promote a project or group?
Yes, you can promote something that would be of reasonably specific interest to vegans - this is primarily a social event... hard sells and preaching are not welcome.

How are promotions handled?
Two ways...
1. We will have a table for cards, flyers and postcards.  Organizers have the right to screen materials for message (vegan friendly) and space constraints.
2. We will have an announcement session.  The first 10 people to show up with something to say will have 30 seconds (maximum) to quickly share with the group.  We mean it... 30 seconds max - we will cut you off if you go over!

Can I sell something?
No, you can not sell anything at Vegan Drinks.  The only money to exchange hands is between you and the waitstaff.

Can I come alone?
Sure, come make some friends!

Is this a "tofu" market?
That's not our intention ~ but you never know where or when you'll meet that special someone.  We're here to unite like minded people.  So don't bother people by being a freak or a stalker.  Leave the drama at home.

Who is behind Vegan Drinks Rhode Island?
Local vegans Chris Belanger (Kripalu Yoga Teacher & Laughter Yoga Leader) & Karen Krinsky (the mastermind behind Like No Udder, the world's first vegan soft serve ice cream truck.)

Do you need sponsors?
We're open to talking about that.  Let us know if you'd like to be featured on our Supporters page.